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Type 2 Diabetes: What Doctors Don’t Tell You

Posted by Charlene J. Nuble on Apr 13th, 2007 in Diabetes Supplements, Type 2 Diabetes

Eleotin Natural Type 2 Diabetes Supplement According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) type 2 diabetes is an epidemic that affects more than 18,000,000 people in the U.S alone. Statistics prove that more than 2,500 people daily are diagnosed with this disease. Almost everyone knows someone who has it. It is estimated that 1 in 4 Americans have type 2 diabetes, many do not know they have it.

Type 2 diabetes is a silent killer of thousands every year. It doesn’t come on overnight and it isn’t painful (at first). In fact, a majority of people who are newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes are usually being treated for another problem. Many do not take this disease seriously enough to do anything about it until complications begin to surface.

Complications vary from person to person, but the first signs of type 2 diabetes usually include: extreme thirst, dry itchy skin, tingling in the hands and feet, increased urination, increased hunger and blurry vision. Untreated, it can eventually lead to: poor circulation, nerve damage, blindness, amputations, heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, dialysis and death. Pretty serious complications.

Twenty years ago, type 2 diabetes was a disease most commonly diagnosed in people over 50. Today, our children are being diagnosed. What a sad future they have to look forward to. Life expectancy is shortened by at least 12 years along with a lifetime of insulin shots, medications and eventually dialysis.

Healthcare professionals deal with this epidemic by prescribing medications. Many of these drugs are very harmful and even deadly. Most have to be taken for life and lose their effectiveness over time, meaning the doses will have to be increased or other drugs added to the original prescription. Considering the complications associated with type 2 diabetes, our healthcare system profits quite nicely from this disease.

Avandia, a very common diabetes medication, was once thought to be a very effective drug in treating type 2 diabetes. Until it started killing people. Now known as a drug that increases risk of heart attack by 70%, many patients went scrambling to their doctors to change their meds, not knowing the amount of damage already done by this drug. This FDA approved drug. Avandia is not the only one. Almost all diabetes drugs carry some type of harmful side-effects from headaches and vomiting to heart and liver failure.

Knowing the amount of money the pharmaceutical companies make from type 2 diabetes and all of it’s complications, it’s no wonder a cure has never been found. Think carefully about what would happen if an FDA approved cure was made available. Entire wings of hospitals would shut down, doctors that specialize in diabetes would be out of work and dialysis clinics would fold. This is a very small part of the revenue made by other complications such as blindness, physical therapy due to amputations, heart institutes would lose hundreds of millions. There is just too much money to lose in making a cure available.

Canada has had a natural type 2 diabetes herbal remedy available to the public since 1999 called Eleotin. Researched for more than 20 years, Eleotin works on a metabolic level to lower blood sugars naturally and reverse type 2 diabetes by correcting the causes.

Type 2 diabetes has two main causes. Insufficient insulin produced by the pancreas (beta cell damage) or insulin resistance, when cells in the body resist insulin that is made. Eleotin restores beta cell function, restores the health of the pancreas and strengthens insulin receptors to make them more sensitive to the insulin naturally made by the body. Eleotin has no harmful side-effects, is made entirely from herbs used as foods in many countries. It is even safe for children.

Eleotin is sweeping the globe. Almost 100,000 people worldwide have used Eleotin. Many have reversed their type 2 diabetes completely. It’s time we take this disease more seriously and stop waiting for the FDA approved cure that will never appear. How many years have we dumped money into diabetes research? Where is their cure? For many thousands of people who have used Eleotin, they have already found theirs.

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